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Marketing Manager Jobs [All Sector Complete Information]

Marketing manager jobs are the link between the corporate strategy of a company and its marketing plan. A company’s operations are looking for the most effective way to reach new customers in order to have its product or service remain competitive in the market. In this role, a marketing manager decides which content will best serve this purpose, then implements it with full coordination across all marketing channels.

In this post, you will learn all sectors complete information of Marketing Manager Jobs

  1. digital marketing manager jobs
  2. product marketing manager jobs
  3. remote marketing manager jobs
  4. social media marketing manager jobs
  5. content marketing manager jobs
  6. marketing and sales manager jobs and So on regarding this field

In this position, you’ll be in the middle of a whirlwind. You’ll have to plan ad campaigns, keep track of budgets and implement marketing actions in full coordination with the sales team. You’ll also be responsible for researching new markets to expand your company’s market share.

The marketing manager oversees the entire marketing function, including sales, advertising, and social media. The marketing manager may lead the analytics, strategy, and planning teams. They are a crucial participant in all aspects of the marketing process.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for the total marketing function, including strategic planning and execution of company-wide campaigns. You will have to manage every element of your marketing plan from beginning to end or at least coordinate the activities between all departments so that your overall strategy is not undermined by one department. You will also be involved in sales and design activities and will need to understand how these departments work together in order to integrate them into your overall strategy.

The marketing manager position is incredibly demanding and fulfilling. You’ll have to have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. In order to be an effective marketing manager, you’ll need to be flexible, focused, detail-oriented, and creative.

To be successful in this role, you’ll need 5-6 years of relevant work experience for a small company or 1-2 years for a large company. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing is preferred but not required for most positions.

Digital Marketing Consultant Salary 2021
Digital Marketing Consultant Salary 2021

What is a marketing manager?

A marketing manager is a person who manages the marketing for a company. A marketing manager works in partnership with the CEO/owner and handles advertising, sales, public relations, events, promotions, and customer service. Marketing managers may also be responsible for direct mailings.

What are some benefits of being a marketing manager?

There are many benefits to being a marketing manager! You get to shape the future of your company by designing promotional materials that influence consumers’ decisions about your product.

You can inspire your company’s employees to create exciting and effective campaigns. Now, You make a difference every day of your working life by helping your company increase its sales and profits.

It also takes an incredible amount of courage to be a marketing manager because, oftentimes, you are the face of your company and you are responsible for representing it in the best light possible. You must keep up with developing trends in the marketplace and finding new ways to bring customers back again and again.

What do I need to know about marketing?

You need to be very creative, intelligent and have a strong interest in the world of marketing. It is also important that you have a basic knowledge of business and human resource management. You need to be outgoing and organized as well as good at handling crises. You are often called upon to give successful presentations to a large number of people at the same time, so you need to be able to multitask and communicate well. At the same time, you must be a leader who is able to motivate and inspire others in your company.

Best Entry Level Marketing Jobs For 2021

What do I need to know about marketing management?

You need to have a firm grasp of the basic tools of marketing management. You need to understand basic marketing concepts such as product or service classification, pricing, and packaging, distribution channels, etc.

Therefore, you also must learn how selling strategies are implemented in different regions of the world and how they change over time.

Digital Marketing Manager Jobs As a Digital Marketer:

Marketing managers are responsible for creating, planning, and implementing marketing strategies and tactics that will drive traffic to a company’s website or social media pages. They’re the first line of defense for a company’s marketing efforts on the web; they must be able to interpret digital analytics and recommend changes to the marketing team and company leadership.

At the same time, digital marketers must also have a thorough understanding of SEO and Website architecture. They are responsible for researching keywords and managing advanced landing pages, and they must be comfortable with basic HTML coding.

The key to success in digital marketing is being able to translate data into actionable strategies that will increase traffic, consumer engagement, and sales. To do this, digital marketers must have a high level of familiarity with analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Comscore, Clicky, and KISSmetrics. They are also responsible for scheduling social media posts on a daily or weekly basis.
Major digital marketing companies, like HubSpot, offer courses in online marketing to prepare digital marketers for job opportunities.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description:

As a marketing manager, you’ll act as the head of a digital marketing team. You’ll be responsible for managing and directing the development of all aspects of a company’s social media presence and website to increase traffic and conversions.

To do this, you’ll take regular measurements of your company’s analytics to determine which marketing strategies are performing best. This will allow you to optimize each social media strategy and website element to boost traffic and conversions over time.

You’re also responsible for maintaining relationships with key influencers in your industry. As a marketing manager, you will be responsible for identifying important key influencers and establishing relationships that will help you promote your company and products online.

Digital Marketing Consultant Salary 2021

Your role as a digital marketing manager will be to review competitor marketing strategies and evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses against them. You will identify opportunities to find new keywords, optimize landing pages, and create new content that will help your company’s social media efforts to increase traffic.

You are also responsible for strategically choosing what type of websites and social media pages you want to focus on. This will be a key focus for growth as your company’s marketing efforts continue to expand.

You’ll work with an analytics team to determine what metrics are most important for measuring success. This will help you and the digital marketing team to measure growth in key areas like traffic, social shares, and click-through rates. You’ll also be in charge of recommending changes in scaling each website element to increase traffic and conversions over time.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Requirements:

To become a digital marketing manager, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. Most large digital marketing companies will require 5+ years of experience managing and developing online marketing strategies and tactics.

An understanding of SEO best practices is also critical, as you’ll be responsible for ensuring that your website or social media pages are optimized for search engines. You’ll also need to be comfortable with using simple HTML coding to create and optimize landing pages.
You will need to have a high level of comfort in the social media space, and you can expect that at least 60% of your job will involve managing social media profiles on a daily or weekly basis.
Finally, you can expect the bulk of your job to revolve around either managing SEO strategies or analyzing and optimizing website analytics.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary and Outlook:

The BLS reports that the median income for marketing managers was $101,520 in 2016. The outlook for digital marketing managers is very strong — the BLS expects jobs to increase by 22 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.

The BLS expects the median salary for marketing managers to increase by 3 percent annually through 2024. Given this growth rate, you can expect the median income to grow to $157,280 in 2024.

In general, marketing managers are paid more than other professionals in similar roles, so it will pay to include a marketing manager as a job title when applying for any position.

Social Media Marketing Manager Jobs:

The role of a social media manager has become increasingly important as companies seek to build fan bases on various forms of social media. A social media manager will be responsible for the marketing of a company’s web presence on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. They may also oversee other content-related channels such as Google+, Linked In, and Pinterest.

The marketing manager is most likely to be involved in analyzing market trends or using analytics software to create short-term and long-term sound marketing strategies for the business. They might also represent the business on various social media platforms, as their primary goal is to engage with consumers and to use social media as a marketing tool. The social media manager may be responsible for developing and monitoring campaigns that will grow the business’ following.

As social media continues to evolve, the marketing manager may develop systems to ensure that the company is managing its presence effectively. They may work with other departments, such as customer support agents or sales reps, to ensure their business is efficiently represented across social media platforms. Social media strategies may include search engine optimization and content creation to increase traffic and brand awareness.

The marketing manager may be tasked with tracking and measuring campaign success so that they can plan future strategies. They may also be responsible for creating content to build brand awareness. A social media manager will develop the content strategy for a business and will work with graphic designers, copywriters, and other marketing personnel to create relevant content. This includes creating messages to post on social media platforms, designing company pages, writing descriptions of products or services as well as monitoring online consumer feedback.

Product Marketing Manager Job Description:

Many companies offering Product Management jobs are those who offer products or services in areas such as fashion, healthcare, and IT. Marketing managers are responsible for developing marketing campaigns and strategies. They use their expertise to develop a plan that will appeal to specific segments of the marketplace. The product manager must have an excellent strategic vision and be able to explore new concepts for the product. They should work well with members of his team and has the ability to motivate and support his staff.

The product manager should have a solid understanding of how products are marketed through various channels such as print, online, broadcast television, or radio marketing.

The marketing manager’s job description has to be strategic and innovative. To be successful as a marketing manager, you need to have great presentation skills and the ability to communicate a message in an articulate manner. He must also be able to make decisions on his own and prioritize multiple tasks at one time.

Specific Job Requirements: Marketing managers must have excellent communication skills, great interpersonal skills, strong organizational skills, and a talent for creativity. They must also be able to work well under pressure and have the ability to work on the fly. A Master’s degree in marketing or business administration is preferred with five or six-year experience in the industry.

Product Marketing Manager Jobs Requirements:

  • BA/BS degree in Marketing, Business, or related field
  • At least 2 years of experience in marketing or product marketing
  • Experience with trade shows and partnering with key customers to maximize lead generation opportunities and/or results of trade show coverage
  • Strong research skills throughout various channels
  • Ability to strategically plan for conversion events
  • Understanding of the digital landscape and content strategy
  • Strong project management experience. Ability to build relationships across teams.

you need to have a lot of expertise in marketing, obviously. And in software development, which is what these companies usually make. As a Product Marketing Manager, you’re responsible for overseeing the whole product line and making sure it has visibility as well as pushing out new features.

It also involves collecting and analyzing data, so you’ll need to have a good grasp on what the competition is up to, as well as keeping up on the latest developments in the industry. You’ll definitely need to have a good grasp on what makes customers buy and make sure that every function of your product or service appeals to them.

What are the typical Product Management job titles?

  • -Product Manager
  • -Project Manager
  • -Portfolio Manager
  • -Product Marketing Manager

The title of product marketing manager is more of a broad term that encompasses many different jobs. A product marketing manager can wear a lot of different hats. A marketing manager’s primary focus is on one specific company or product, so he or she is essentially the product’s ambassador to the world. The product marketing manager’s job is to take that one product and turn it into a success by constantly meeting with customers and industry partners, updating the product, and increasing sales. He or she must also make sure customers know when new versions of the product are coming out.

Product Marketing Managers are most often found managing small startup companies in need of a strong marketing presence. They work closely with the CEO and other management personnel on branding campaigns, customer acquisition strategies, new product development, pricing strategy, major market segmentation initiatives (e.g. the development of a new product line geared towards heavy sporting goods users), and business expansion plans, and are often the first point of contact between the company and prospective clients, such as venture capital firms or investment banks.


The 5 Best Things About Entry Level Marketing Jobs Salary


The Product Marketing Manager’s chief concern is to increase revenue by ensuring that a product is well received by customers. They must have an astute knowledge of competitors’ products in order to capitalize on their weaknesses, as well as ensure that their own product has no faults or weaknesses.

This job is to maintain a product line that is well-marketed and in demand. They must make sure all existing customers are satisfied with the services provided by the company, and must constantly market the product to potential new customers.
The Product Marketing Manager also oversees new product development and portends the future of their product line.

Remote Marketing Manager Jobs:

If you have an entrepreneurial drive, love to explore new ideas, and are looking for a challenging opportunity that can be your own (with the right experience), we may have the perfect job for you! We’re seeking experienced Market Managers with proven success managing digital campaigns from ideation through execution. You should have at least five years of experience specializing in digital marketing campaigns.

The perks of running your own marketing group:

  • You’ll personally profit from your hard work!
  • You’ll be involved in launching and maintaining a revenue stream–ones that help you create a living outside of your day job!
  • You’ll set your own hours, make plenty of money, and be your own boss.
  • You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of creating something from scratch.

It is imperative that you have experience as a digital marketing manager, including concept generation/development, campaign planning/management, and reporting. You will also be responsible for sourcing new business and growing your existing relationships through regular contact with multiple potential clients.

What you’ll get in return:

  • Work as a team with the people whose products you love!
  • Profit-sharing that rewards you for your hard work!
  • A substantial income that goes way beyond a salary.
  • A ton of benefits, including medical, dental, vision, 401k, and more.
    Vital Qualifications:
  • A minimum of 5 years of digital advertising experience managing a team of digital marketers.
  • Demonstrated success in search engine marketing (SEM), social media, and display advertising.
  • Proven track record in managing your own clients and working within teams.

Qualifications For Remote Marketing Manager Jobs:

  • Bachelors degree preferred (Masters a plus)
  • 5+ years of progressive digital marketing experience, including digital advertising, website optimization and management, web content creation and optimization, market research, and development.
  • Ability to effectively create and maintain relationships with clients on a personal level.
  • Strong business acumen with the ability to multi-task successfully amongst team members.

This position is a full-time remote position based in Orange County, CA.

Your role as GMM will be to manage companies’ digital marketing campaigns and grow the business by reaching out to new clients, provide technical support, and keep track of our client’s online exposure. We are looking for someone who is interested in working part-time (3-5 days a week) so that they may pursue other interests outside of work.

Some responsibilities may include:

  1. Manage our team of Digital Marketing Managers with remote management set up
  2. Perform daily operations including:
  3. Perform research and analysis of our digital marketing results (SEM, PPC, Social Media)
  4. Write weekly reports to be sent to our clients
  5. Work with the Marketing Manager and Client Relations Manager on new client acquisition and communication
  6. Develop a close working relationship with the Marketing Manager to ensure client satisfaction and the quality of digital marketing services provided by the staff
  7. Work with the Marketing Manager in a team environment to develop new ideas/campaigns and projects
  8. Maintain our client’s brand image and online credibility by staying on top of the latest digital marketing trends and technologies
  9. Research, recommend and implement new tools to enhance client’s online presence.
  10. Work closely with the Marketing Manager in a team environment as well as independently on the implementation of current clients’ websites.

Remote Marketing Manager Jobs Salary:

Now, a Remote marketing manager job’s average salary can vary depending on the position and company, but a typical marketing manager’s salary range is $30,000-60,000. Remote managers are also eligible for bonuses and incentives. A remote marketing manager’s daily responsibilities include: conducting market research, maintaining a company website, monitoring social media sites, and managing digital marketing campaigns. Marketing managers usually leverage their expertise in the growth and development of their company’s products or services. With this knowledge, they can demonstrate products to potential clients or assist in resolving customer problems. In times of crisis, managers may also act as the company’s spokesperson.

Best Digital Marketing Consultant
Best Digital Marketing Consultant

Remote Marketing Manager Salary Range:

The highest-paying remote marketing manager jobs are usually located at banks, accounting firms, and consulting firms with high growth opportunities. The salaries of these organizations tend to be competitive and often offer a competitive benefits package. At the bottom of the range are online services, such as freelancing or copywriting jobs, which are usually self-employed. Starting salaries for remote marketing managers can range from $32,300-$37,600 per year. The average salary is $50,000.

Salary Comparison: The average salary of a remote marketing manager is $50,000 per year. The average salary of a marketing manager in the United States is $71,850 per year.

Number of Jobs: The number of remote marketing manager jobs is on the rise. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions are expected to increase by 13% in the next decade. The growth rate for this field exceeds that of other marketing occupations. The number of jobs is expected to increase as more companies move their operations overseas and require a dedicated marketing professional to oversee their corporate presence online.

Search Remote Marketing Manager Jobs:

The largest selection of remote marketing manager jobs is offered by online services. Companies such as oDesk, Elance, and have dedicated teams of professionals offering their services to employers around the world.  
This job may also be found through the general job posting sites, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Simply Hired. The best way to find employment opportunities is to search for the job title or keyword on your favorite search engine or through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The 5 Best Things About Entry Level Marketing Jobs Salary


Content Marketing Manager Jobs:


Expanding on the abilities of other marketing roles, the content marketing manager creates a variety of written and visual content for their company’s website to attract and retain customers.

Marketing Manager Jobs: The position would be perfect for someone who is both creative with excellent writing skills, as well as being highly organized. An ideal candidate has experience with using social media platforms to generate organic traffic, developing long-term email campaigns, and producing high-quality content that has the potential to go viral.

SEO Manager Jobs: The work of an SEO manager is similar to that of a content marketer, except that they are focused on optimizing the websites for search engines. An SEO manager conducts keyword research, writes articles, and creates backlinks from other websites.

Social Media Marketing Manager Jobs: Social media marketing managers use social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to engage with current customers and attract new ones. They develop content that answers questions provide useful information or entertains followers.

Social Media Manager Jobs: Social media managers write articles for the company blog and create content that engages both customers and existing followers.

Social Media Adwords Manager Jobs: The social media Adwords manager is the one who manages the overall running of the social media channels so that they can produce results in a timely manner. They plan out each campaign, manage customer accounts, keep track of analytics, and produce new posts when needed.

Search Engine Optimization Manager Jobs: The SEO manager uses keywords to make sure that the website shows up at the top of search engine results. They also develop inbound links to the website with relevant content. If you are also a technical wizard and understand how search engines find and rank websites, you could be a good fit for this job.

Email Marketing Manager Jobs: Email marketing managers organize campaigns that send out newsletters and promotional offers to current customers or potential leads. They also work with the marketing department to develop ideas and messages for the email campaigns.

Marketer Jobs: The role of a marketer is to create strategies to attract customers and keep them happy as clients. They also understand how they fit into the overall marketing plan, including social media marketing, websites, and other forms of advertising.

Content Manager Jobs: The content manager develops the written and visual components that inform customers and potential clients about the company. They create blog posts, white papers, case studies, and other content.

Marketing Coordinator Jobs: Marketing coordinators develop all marketing activities such as website design, advertising, SEO, social media posting and email marketing campaigns. They work with different departments to ensure that everyone has their part in the overall marketing plan.

Marketing and Sales Manager Jobs Qualification:

  • *Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • *3+ years of professional experience in a marketing role
  • *Demonstrated success managing an integrated marketing program
  • *Proven track record of meeting yearly revenue goals
  • *Excellent oral and written communication skills and presentation skills
  • *Strong analytical, problem-solving, organizational, and decision-making skills.
  • *Knowledge of marketing analytics.
  • *Knowledge of a plus.

A Marketing and Sales Manager that has proven experience in helping marketing professions and sales organizations achieve business goals through the use of integrated marketing programs. This individual will manage the day-to-day activities related to marketing, including monitoring the implementation of our marketing strategy, developing and maintaining relationships with clients through various forms of media for prospects, and ensuring that all aspects of our client’s programs are meeting their needs.

Communications Manager Jobs in Marketing:

This is a marketing position typically in charge of ensuring the company’s products, services, and brand are well-represented.

Vacancies in Marketing Manager Jobs:

Marketing Manager Jobs are not always available, but if they are, these positions typically pay between $75,000 and $130,000. Additionally, wages range depending on experience.

The key skills sought by employers for a marketing manager position include the ability to write effective copy and respond to customer feedback quickly. Other important tasks for this position include making sure all marketing materials are updated regularly and contributing to the development of future projects.

Controller Jobs in Marketing: These positions help provide insight into where and when product needs may be needed. They are responsible for allocating funds as needed per account budget, as well as overseeing marketing budgets for businesses or events.

IT Manager Jobs in Marketing: They are responsible for providing infrastructure that allows the company to grow. Additionally, they ensure current technology is up to date and any new technology can be incorporated into the company’s structure.

Marketing Associate Jobs: These positions require candidates to manage inventory in the warehouse and keep the product fresh for customers. They also order and organize new products in stores and maintain an organized database of all marketing materials including pamphlets, commercials, free samples, etc. Marketing associates are responsible for making sure that stores have what they need to conduct effective marketing campaigns.

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