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Marketing Assistant Jobs [ Complete Information ]

Marketing Assistant Jobs are highly sought after in this competitive field. Here’s what they typically entail:

  1. Develop and maintain company branding
  2. Update social media accounts and provide customer service for those platforms
  3. Drive website traffic to increase conversions (e.g., by analyzing traffic data, identifying potential lead sources, and optimizing website features)
  4. Assist with advertising campaigns (e.g. by providing article and blog content, translating copy into different languages, researching and monitoring social media accounts, and developing links to these pages)
  5. Develop social media campaigns (e.g., posting content on company Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn page, and other online profiles; engaging with followers on Facebook and LinkedIn)
  6. Assist with sales campaigns (e.g. by developing sales leads and maintaining contact lists, by developing and maintaining budgets for specific marketing activities such as consulting on a project, or by creating sales presentations)
  7. Use social media for customer service
  8. Design and maintain customer databases; use CRM software
  9. Develop guidelines on the appropriate use of social media for different types of business (e.g., they vary by industry)
  10. Update company website and corporate blog with current news; update stationery
  11. Monitor online reputation (e.g. by learning what customers are saying about the company online, and by identifying key influencers)
  12. Manage email marketing campaigns (e.g. by developing targeted lists of recipients, creating email templates with existing content and customer data, and sending out these campaigns)
  13. Maintain the online product catalog (e.g. by researching products to add to the catalog, by writing product descriptions and specifications, and by uploading new or edited versions of products)


In this post, you will learn all sector’s complete information of marketing assistant jobs. Here is a shortlist of this article:

  • What are marketing assistant jobs?
  • What does a marketing assistant do?
  • Marketing Assistant Jobs Description.
  • Marketing Assistant Jobs Salary.
  • What Duties Will Marketing Assistants Perform?
  • What Skills Will Marketing Assistants Need?
  • How to Find a Job as Marketing Assistant?
  • How to Apply for Marketing Assistant Jobs?
  • Digital Marketing Assistant Jobs And So on, check below
email marketing jobs
email marketing jobs

What are marketing assistant jobs?

Marketing assistant jobs involve many of the same job functions as other marketing jobs, but with some important distinctions.

First, they’re not typically full-time positions. They’re more flexible and require less commitment than a traditional marketing job may entail, but they still demand a significant amount of time each week.
Second, they normally don’t include the same level of management responsibilities as traditional marketing jobs. That’s because the focus is on the specific tasks involved.

Finally, marketing assistant jobs are rarely part of a traditional marketing career track. Most companies have established their own ways of identifying the best candidates for marketing assistant jobs. These methods vary by company, so you should get to know them before you apply.
With these differences in mind, the primary job function of a marketing assistant is highly similar to that of a traditional marketing position and includes much the same work as other marketing positions are related to. The main difference is that the assistant typically isn’t in a position to create a strategy for the company or department. Instead, they’re hired to help carry out the strategy and tasks as defined by higher-level marketing professionals. Marketing assistants often work on particular projects, with different focuses depending on what a company needs them to do.

What does a marketing assistant do?

Marketing assistants play an important support role for modern businesses. They carry out a wide variety of marketing tasks, special projects, and other responsibilities to help the company succeed. They’re often part-time positions or are hired on as needed for specific projects.

Often, marketing assistants will be hired to help with the day-to-day operations of a company, and this could include customer service. They’ll respond to customer requests by performing support tasks such as solving technical problems or answering questions about the products and services the business offers.

A marketing assistant could also be hired to help with sales or advertising campaigns, mainly by helping with research. Marketing assistants will gather information and then pass it on to higher-level marketing personnel who can decide which work needs to happen.

An assistant can also help with the creation of sales presentations. This could include using software to create the slides for the presentation, or it could include helping to edit a presentation that’s already been written.

He will typically have a wide variety of responsibilities at any given time. And these responsibilities may change quickly and frequently. So while they mainly work on things related to marketing, they may also be asked to do other tasks that a company needs to be done at a particular time. This could include setting up a database for customer information or completing other administrative tasks.

Since the main job function of a marketing assistant is to carry out marketing-related work, they also need to have excellent customer service skills. This means that they need to have a good knowledge of how customers use products and how they process the company’s services. They must also be able to take requests in different languages and understand the role of such languages in their daily interactions with customers.
Finally, many marketing assistants will be hired based on their communication skills.

A marketing assistant is a job title used in the marketing industry. As such, there is a great deal of confusion as to what the title means. Marketing assistants are not employed by companies but instead work for the company in charge of marketing activities. This usually means that they specialize in working with social media and other online marketing communications tools.

However, they may also engage in more business-oriented work such as creating sales and advertising materials and running email campaigns. Another important job function of marketing managers is hiring qualified people to carry out these duties.

Marketing Assistant Jobs Description:

The definition of marketing usually refers to the art of promoting or selling products. Marketing is a process by which goods or services are moved from supplier to consumer in an attempt to exchange units of currency.

It is a database that can provide students and recent graduates with important information
pertaining to entry-level jobs in the field. With over 30,000 job postings, this website provides a great starting point for looking for marketable skills and positions for students seeking paid work experience or those interested in pursuing a career as an assistant in marketing.

Marketing Assistant Jobs provides a user-friendly layout for convenient searches and an effective way to view the opportunities available by industry, position, location, and salary. In addition to offering a comprehensive job board, it also has very good articles relating to job search, resume building, and interviewing.

It provides the following services for its users:

  • Job Posting,
  • Resume Database,
  • Job Search Engine.

The 5 Best Things About Entry Level Marketing Jobs Salary

Marketing Assistant Jobs Salary:

Competitive with other marketing jobs Pay Rate: $17.50 per hour.
Marketing is one of the most popular jobs in the modern business world, and there are a number of opportunities that can make it more enjoyable. The types of marketing positions typically exist across many different industries, including fashion, media, and technology. In general terms, they include roles such as marketing directors, social media managers, or strategic planners.

The range of marketing positions also varies depending on the level of experience; entry-level roles tend to be less specialist and therefore earn less. However, there are many companies that look for marketing graduates because they are a flexible and highly trained workforce who can learn quickly. These people can also require more responsibility which means that marketers will usually start to see much larger salaries at this level.

Marketing assistant jobs are part of this emerging workforce. These positions are designed to provide the perfect introduction to marketing, giving young professionals a chance to learn what is involved in each role. They can also be a chance for experienced marketers to gain new experience or skills without the pressure of more senior roles.

What Duties Will Marketing Assistants Perform?

Marketing assistants typically spend their time performing many tasks that support other positions within this field. This could involve using relevant software programs, compiling price lists, and producing event schedules. They will also be required to keep different marketing campaigns up-to-date across a number of channels. This could be managing social media marketing or updating websites.

The exact type of work that an assistant goes on to do depends upon the organization and its senior management; this is why many companies look at potential job seekers who have done internships or other related work projects.

What Skills Will Marketing Assistants Need?

Marketing assistants will need to have a variety of skills and be able to work in different settings. This is to ensure that they are flexible enough to handle various tasks. The following are some of the key skills an assistant should look for when searching for a position:

  • Communication – As an assistant, you will be required to liaise with other staff members or clients. Your communication skills will need to be strong to ensure that you can properly explain product details or anything else that is related to the marketing campaigns.
  • Customer Service – You will also need this skill in order to ensure that your clients are satisfied. This is because many clients are not able to visit a branch or office every time they need something; this means they may have their questions misinterpreted. If you have good customer service skills, then you will be able to solve these problems for alerting them of such issues.
  • Information Technology – Marketing assistants will need to have at least a basic understanding of IT systems. This is because their main job will involve using marketing software programs that are considered to be advanced and complex.
  • Planning and Organizing – A large company might have many different employees; this means they will need to plan and organize projects in order for them to be completed on time. In some cases, marketing assistants may be able to head up a project themselves, but this also depends on the senior management’s decision.
  • Product Knowledge – As marketing assistants, it will be important that you are well informed as to the products that your company offers. You will need to know everything about them even if you don’t need to draw pictures or create animation videos.
  • Technology Skills – Marketing assistants should also have the ability to be aware of and familiar with different technologies. This could involve learning software programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Edge.
  • Miscellaneous Skills – Marketing assistants should also be able to demonstrate good time management skills as well as the ability to handle stressful situations. This is because their roles may require them to work long hours and often.
  • Salary and Benefits – Marketing assistants will also need to consider how much they will earn. Depending on your experience, salary and benefits could be more or less in comparison with other positions in the company; this is why it is important that you research this aspect of job duties thoroughly before applying.

How to Find a Job as Marketing Assistant?

One of the most important things to do when searching for a marketing assistant position is to carefully research job descriptions and requirements. This is because some companies may be looking for certain skills in order to ensure that they get the right person for the role. If you want to avoid being rejected, then you should always take your time and prepare well before applying for jobs.

Another way to find jobs as a marketing assistant is to go through websites like Indeed .com or SimplyHired .com. Both of these websites have a large database of different positions available. It is important that you browse through the available opportunities and try to narrow down your search based on the specific skills you have, salary range, location, and other personal preferences.

Since there are many companies in various locations around the world, it might take a while before finding a job opportunity that matches your preferences. Also, it will take a while before you start working as a marketing assistant. This is why it is recommended that you apply for a position in the first place as soon as you are able to.

digital marketing jobs
digital marketing jobs

How to Apply for Marketing Assistant Jobs?

Marketing assistants are some of the most sought-after applicants for various positions in companies. This is because they will be working with clients, managing tasks and projects, and then doing research on products and other relevant content. In short, they help in driving a company’s success. Here are the steps that you need to take to get yourself a job as a marketing assistant:

Step 1: First of all, you should make contact with companies that have marketing assistants vacancies. It is possible for you to see their job descriptions and apply for them directly. However, it is advisable that you do so through an agency that can handle your application process on your behalf. Doing so will save time and energy as well as let you access different marketing department positions.

Step 2: It is also important that you take the time to read through the job description and be familiar with what is expected from you. This will help create an impression on why hiring you is the best option for them as opposed to other applicants.

Step 3: In addition, you should also tailor your resume for a number of marketing departments. This way, you can cast a wide net instead of limiting yourself to submitting just one application.

Step 4: You can also start working on your cover letter and other application documents. If you feel that something needs to be done differently in your resume, this is the time to make that adjustment. While doing this, it is also important that you do not go overboard and begin making drastic changes. Begin with small ones such as adding an award you have won or mentioned when you were promoted to a new position within the company.

Step 5: You can also include a photo of yourself for the job application. This will not only give you an idea of how you look but also provide them with an idea of how your work attitude is. Photos also have the added advantage of helping to create a personal connection between you and the company that you are applying to work for.

Step 6: If you feel that something needs to be corrected in your application, contact the recruiter or hiring manager directly and explain what should be done differently.

Marketing Assistant Jobs In different sectors

Digital Marketing Assistant Jobs:

The job is ideal for people with an interest in marketing, who are keen to be creative and develop their graphic design skills. The role could suit someone from a journalism or marketing background, who wants to specialize in digital content.

The basics of the job: At JLR they are looking for a Digital Marketing Assistant Manager to work closely with their marketing team and account managers across all channels; planning, implementing, and evaluating campaigns.

They are a growing marketing company, with offices in London and Birmingham. They specialize in digital advertising and design campaigns for clients in the food and drink industry, including global brands such as JLB Originals, Nando’s, Greggs, and Prezzo.

The role: This is an opportunity to work with a fun, ambitious team that is looking for more than just a minion. You will be expected to work under the direction of the Digital Marketing Manager and will manage all aspects of a marketing campaign.

You would be prepared to:

  • Take ownership for specific campaigns from start to finish
  • Work closely with a number of clients across various channels within the agency, liaising with account managers and creatives in order to ensure that campaigns are being implemented successfully.
  • Create content including blog posts, email campaigns, adverts, landing pages, and images
  • Categorize the data from a number of client platforms to oversee reporting and trends within the digital space, with a particular focus on conversion rate
  • Keep an eye on social media activity to ensure that followers are being reached through relevant posts
  • Deep dive into analytics in order to find out more about what’s working and why – this role isn’t just about design!

The main things required:

  1. Academic qualification at bachelor or above level.
  2. Previous experience in a similar role.
  3. A web-based, multimedia experience, especially working with Photoshop and Illustrator.

What the company says about you:

“If you want to work for an agency that gives a damn about what you are creating and is passionate about making work that is great to look at; then this might be the job for you.”

Remote Marketing Assistant Jobs:

These marketing assistant jobs are an excellent opportunity to bring your best skills to a work environment without the commute. You can freelance remotely or get hired on as a full-time employee, and you’ll benefit from flexible hours, telecommuting options, and career advancement opportunities. These jobs will help you make a comprehensive salary while earning enough to support your lifestyle.

This job offers you a chance to apply your skills in an interesting and rewarding work environment. As a remote marketing assistant, you can work for employers who are based anywhere in the world. This could be considered an incredibly flexible opportunity; however, it can also seem like a difficult decision due to the diverse set of rules that are involved with working remotely.

It is available in a variety of departments, including marketing, business development, and more!

Best Entry Level Marketing Jobs For 2021

Social Media Marketing Assistant Jobs:

This is a job that will help you take your marketing skills to the next level. If you enjoy using social media, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. You will be working with companies in order to grow their social media presence, increase their follower count and improve engagement levels. This is a great job for anyone who enjoys helping others and who is also looking to use their skills in order to grow their own business.

Employees who are hired by companies with big social media presence will often develop their own business. Working with big brands, you will be able to learn about marketing tricks that you can take on with your existing brand and from any future clients you have.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who has never used social media before and would like to become a part of a growing industry. If you are looking for a job that is flexible, you can give this one a chance. You will be able to work from home and your job will involve different forms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Entry Level Marketing Assistant Jobs:

The field of marketing is an important part of the business world and has helped companies increase profits, sales, and brand awareness. This is a fast-paced field that requires extensive knowledge of the industry to perform effectively. As such, entry-level marketing assistant jobs are offered by many different companies that require their assistance with all things related to public relations and advertising.

Entry-level marketing assistant jobs require you to work for smaller businesses with limited resources and budgets, performing various tasks in order to assist their company as well as ensure success. The field is expected to continue growing in the future as a result of a lack of qualified professionals to fill positions. As a result, you can likely expect to enjoy a higher salary compared to some entry-level positions.

If you are interested in finding entry-level marketing assistant jobs in your area, you should perform extensive research to ensure you are applying for the right position, and that it is well-suited for your skills and experience. Always be sure to take the time to develop your resume and cover letter by including important details such as previous experience and certifications. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to land a job with your dream company.

What You Should Know About Marketing Assistant Jobs :

To succeed in this position, it is important that you are familiar with marketing terms and strategies. You should also have excellent customer service skills and the ability to multi-task as well as work under strict deadlines. If you already have experience working in marketing or public relations, you should be able to demonstrate this as experience on your resume.

Entry Level Marketing Assistant Job Description:

You’ll work with the marketing team to plan campaigns and manage social media, writing blogs, articles, and press releases. You’ll also research which new marketing tactics are working best in different industries.


  • Research marketing trends and best practices; recommend strategies and tactics for increasing online brand awareness through social media, blogging, email marketing, and more.
  • Conduct preliminary research and draft reports, articles, press releases, and other content for use on the company websites or social media accounts.
  • Organize graphics elements to create a cohesive look for all online projects.
  • Monitor social media channels for activity related to the company’s product or services; identify opportunities for responses in a timely manner.

Digital Marketing Consultant Salary 2021


Marketing Assistant Jobs In London:

It’s time to start building your career in marketing. London is one of the best places where you can start your career, so why not learn about the top marketing assistant jobs in London.

Marketing assistant positions are everywhere in London. They offer a wide range of opportunities for those who are looking to get into the industry, as well as those who have some experience and know what they want from their career.

There are a number of jobs available for marketers, including marketing assistants, because the job is becoming more and more crucial to business success.

Marketing Assistant Jobs In London:

It’s time to start building your career in marketing. London is one of the best places where you can start your career, so why not learn about the top marketing assistant jobs in London.

Marketing assistant positions are everywhere in London. They offer a wide range of opportunities for those who are looking to get into the industry, as well as those who have some experience and know what they want from their career.

There are a number of jobs available for marketers, including marketing assistants, because the job is becoming more and more crucial to business success.

Marketing Assistant Jobs Melbourne:

If you’re looking to get involved in marketing in Melbourne, start learning about some of the top marketing assistant jobs Melbourne has to offer. You’ll find opportunities with online businesses, small businesses, and large companies alike.

The demand for marketers in Melbourne is high and only set to rise over the next few years. So if this is where you want to work, you need to know what the best jobs are now so that you can start building your career.

Marketing Assistant Salary In Melbourne:

Other notable marketing assistant jobs include the Senior Marketing Manager. The salary for these positions starts at between £32,000 to £45,000 and can rise to as high as £50,000 depending on your experience.
Pursuing the top marketing assistant positions can be one of the best things you can do to help businesses expand.

Marketing Manager Jobs [All Sector Complete Information]

Marketing Assistant Jobs Toronto:

Toronto is not only the capital of Canada, but it also boasts a population of over 5.3 million people! With so many jobs in the field of marketing available, Toronto is an attractive location for marketing assistant jobs.

Many people who are looking for marketing assistant jobs can be seen wearing Zara suits and carrying Starbucks cups to get their daily fixes with ease. They are highly educated, talented, and energetic marketing assistants and entry-level marketing professionals who are working hard to close the deal. The top Toronto marketing companies have a variety of job openings for all majors, from social media to communications.

Toronto also has some of the most innovative and interesting companies that are hiring such as:

  1. BMO Bank of Montreal – This company prides itself on its competitive salary packages and high work tempo but is also dedicated to promoting the importance of a balanced life. It provides excellent benefits and an annual performance bonus to its employees.
  2. TD Bank (Toronto Dominion Bank) – This Canadian company is popular for its culture of excellence and commitment to quality. It offers a competitive salary package that is based on an individual’s experience and position within the company.
  3. RBC Royal Bank – Although this company is looking for entry-level staff, it also provides excellent career opportunities for professionals that are seeking career advancement.

FAQ-( frequently asked questions) on Marketing Assistant Jobs

How can I be a good marketing assistant?

You must have these 6 skills to be a good marketing assistant, which are:

  1. Creativity skills: creativity is the ability to generate ideas,
  2. Communication skills: communication is the process of conveying messages, finding shared meaning and understanding; listening and asking for feedback are the two types of communication skills; all are necessary for a marketing assistant job,
  3. Leadership skill: leadership is when members of a group agree to follow one individual’s ideas or decisions. A good marketing assistant would be able to lead others into thinking creatively.
  4. Planning skill: planning is the process of making a plan and following it; planning is needed in marketing because we need to plan our ideas and how we are going to do things,
  5. Time management skill: time management is the process of managing one’s use of time and dealing with that time as effectively as possible. Good marketing assistants must be able to manage time effectively through planning and scheduling,
  6. Teamwork skill: teamwork is when people work together on a common goal. Good marketing assistants must have the ability to work with others to get the job done.

What am I going to need to do if I become a marketing assistant?

There are 4 major things you will need to do if you become a marketing assistant:

  1. Use your creativity skills by generating or coming up with ideas that may improve the company’s sales, e.g. creating a catchy slogan for the company,
  2. Communicate with your co-workers verbally and non-verbally to convey your ideas and the company’s goals, e.g. writing memos or emails, calling people on the phone, etc.,
  3. Use your leadership skills to motivate others to get the job done, e.g. helping or convincing people to do what needs to be done,
  4. Use your planning skill to schedule the tasks and work out what has to be done first, e.g. deciding what activities we need to do first and how much time we need for each activity.

How can I choose the right one of these skills in my job?

You have to consider your strengths and weaknesses as well as your goals and ambitions when choosing the right skill; e.g. if you have no leadership skills but a great interest in creating ideas, you should focus on using your creative skill and not the others.

Can I meet any of the successful marketing assistants?

Yes, we can look at how David Ogilvy became one of the most successful marketing assistants in his time. David was born in West London in 1911. He studied French at Oxford and graduated with a 2nd class honors degree. He worked as an advertising executive for different companies until he started his own agency named after himself.

What is a promotional marketing assistant?

A promotional marketing assistant is an individual who organizes various events to promote a company or product,  e.g. organizing and running events such as games, competitions, sports, public speaking events, and carnivals for public relation’s purpose.

What do I need to have if I want to be a promotional marketing assistant?

A person who wants to be a promotional marketing assistant needs experience in work-related activities such as sales skills, team working skills, and communication skills.

What skills do you need to be a digital marketing assistant?

A person who wants to be a digital marketing assistant needs to have an understanding of the digital marketing process which is composed of 3 parts:

  1. Strategy: this is where we define our target market and set our goals,
  2. Implementation: this is where we plan the activities related to online/offline marketing and implement them,
  3. Evaluation: this is where we measure the success of our activities so that we can improve our service or product.

How do I become a digital marketer with no experience?
A person who wants to become a digital marketer with no experience should consider having some work-related experience; e.g. they could start at an entry-level and work their way up.

How do I become a mobile marketing assistant?

A person who wants to become a mobile marketing assistant needs to have some prior knowledge of marketing because lots of their work comes from the internet so they should be able to use Google and participate in activities related to products and services.

Conclusion of Marketing Assistant Jobs:

It’s important to note that being a marketing assistant may not sound as glamorous as some other marketing jobs. However, it can feel satisfying knowing you have helped in measuring the success of your company’s promotions and campaigns and could be beneficial for those considering a career in marketing. Residual income is not guaranteed but could be possible for those who are eventually promoted to Marketing Manager or Marketing Director positions.

Some of the most common marketing assistant job descriptions include: creating budgets, organizing events, and assisting with company promotions. A marketing assistant might also be tasked with maintaining expense reports and offering support in marketing endeavors such as social media or advertising campaigns. A successful candidate for a marketing assistant position may possess good organizational skills along with experience in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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