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Email Marketing Case Study: Best Email Marketing Services

In this Email Marketing Case Study: The success of your email marketing campaign depends on the email marketing services you are using. According to your business needs, you have to choose the best email marketing software

Best Email Marketing Services
Best Email Marketing Services

Before deciding which email marketing service is to use, you have to consider some vital key points.  

  1. Is the service user-friendly? or can create highly engaging email newsletters.  
  1. Is it possible to send customized bulk emails to a targeted group of segmented customers, without a lot of steps or work?  
  1. Is it easy to manage and update your email contact lists by the service? track and monitor the performance of the email campaigns.  
  1. Last but not the least, your email campaigns should not end up in the spam folder.  

There are more than dozens of email marketing services may consider as very important, here we have discussed some of them.  

Best email marketing services: HubSpot
Best email marketing services: HubSpot


If you want to create designed, personalized emails without the need for IT designers, then it’s a better choice. HubSpot is the king of email marketing automation. 

It offers the followings: 

  • Stunning emails template.  
  • Powerful email automation.  
  • Traffic and conversion analytics.  
  • With drag and drop editors, help to create Pre-made templates to make unique emails.  
  • Their advanced personalized tools help to create a customized layout, modify content and color to promote the brand, allow relevant subject lines, and call-to-action images. 
  • Its price starts from $50 per month but the email tool is free for 2000 emails per month.  
Best email marketing services: Constant Contact
Best email marketing services: Constant Contact

2. Constant Contact:

It is the largest and fastest email marketing service in the world and also user-friendly. Beginners can easily manage email lists, contact, template, and marketing calendar.  

It will offer you   

  • Shopify stores with powerful e-commerce integration.  
  • Unlimited email access.  
  • Easy tracking and monitoring  
  • Social media sharing tools are built-in.  
  • A/B testing to maximize open rates  
  • Email automation, drip campaigns, surveys, and polls. 

If you don’t know about email automation, just click here you will get details information 

Its payment plan is based on no of contacts, pricing is low starting from $20 although no free version. It has a drag and drop editor and also mobile-friendly.  

If you are a small business owner or a non-profit blogger, can use Constant Contact as it is cheaper and easy to use.  

Best email marketing services: SendinBlue
Best email marketing services: SendinBlue

3. SendinBlue:

If you want to create highly engaging and beautiful and dynamic emails, then SendinBlue is the best choice. It is extremely easy, beginner-friendly, and has a drag and drop editor.  

It will provide the following services:  

  • To send transactional emails, it will provide marketing automation tools that are user-friendly.  
  • Best email deliverability for bulk emails in the best time.  
  • It has a free email marketing plan for 300 emails per day and the price starts from $25.  

It has improved features like SMS account, Facebook ad integration, landing page builder, live chat, sales CRM.  

If you are the owner of a medium or large business that needs powerful email marketing automation to send bulk emails then choose SendinBlue.  

Best email marketing services: Drip
Best email marketing services: Drip

4. Drip:

If you are running an e-commerce site, then Drip is a better option. It has a wide range of tools to make automation, sales funnel and personalization.  

It offers:  

  • Intelligent marketing automation tools  
  • Smarter email segmenting  
  • split testing  
  • list groups  
  • Visual workflow builder  

The following features help you to reach targeted customers in your email list to get more sales. It has a free trial; the package starts from $49 per month including all features.  

Best email marketing services: Convertkit
Best email marketing services: Convertkit


If you are a professional blogger, author, influencer, video producer or artist then choose Convertkit. It offers extensive knowledge-based learning materials and email-based support.  

Its features are:  

  • Beautiful email template  
  • Landing page builder  
  • Smart workflows  
  • A/B testing  

It offers a 14-day free trial, price starts from $29 per month.  

Best email marketing services: GetResponse
Best email marketing services: GetResponse

6. GetResponse:

It is the best-automated lead generation tool and all in one package. It provides all tools you need to grow your subscribers, fully automated and user-friendly.  

Its features are:  

  • Audience segmentation  
  • Autoresponders  
  • Landing page builder  
  • Advanced analytics  
  • Webinar software  

One outstanding tool that it offers is Autofunnel, used to create funnels for sales, leads, webinars, and more.  

Best email marketing services: Mailchimp
Best email marketing services: Mailchimp

7. Mailchimp:

Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing service for its forever free email marketing plan.  

Its features are: 

  • Easy drag-and-drop email editor  
  • Autoresponders  
  • Simple tracking of analytics 
  • Segmented contacts group 
  • Best delivery time based on user’s time zones  

You can simply integrate Mailchimp with WordPress, Shopify, and plenty of different platforms. Mailchimp offers a forever free arrangement that permits you to send 12000 emails for up to 2000 subscribers 

Lastly, Email marketing service tools play a vital role in the never-ending process of business. Before selecting a service it’s very important to consider the size of the business, what type of features you need, and the value for the email marketing campaigns.  


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